Last 2013/2014 Race Day

I think everyone who attended yesterday’s Race Day, the last one for 2013/2014 season, will agree it was a fun day!

We were very lucky that rain early in the morning cleared once we were set up and turned into a perfect day with fantastic water conditions, glassy and not a hint of wind.
It was great to see Ian Whitton back at the Pond and on the Drivers Stand running his B Hydro, welcome back Mate!

X Hydro saw the “Back to the Future” singles running nicely. Looks like this class will be making a good come back, all you X Hydro guys better bring your “A” Game to the Winter Spec on 7, 8, 9, 10 August.

Boom Tuckwell managed to improve his attention span to run in the new engine in his A Hydro and by the end of the day the little rigger was pulling some wicked RPMs and awesome speed around the course, well done Mate.

Many thanks to Evan and Richard for getting the rescue boat set up and replacing the wheel bearings in the boat trailer. Also, thanks to the guys who helped with packing up at the end of the day

See you all in July on the 6th and 20th and let’s start the 2014/2015 season with big attendances, bring on Winter Spec!!!!

James Kessing (Via AMPBA Forum)