Monthly Archives: December 2016

Christmas Fun Day

We had a good roll up yesterday for our Christmas Fun Day and once again, people who had a go at the Hot Lap, found out a lot about their ability to time their start effectively and how well their boat was setup for running tight on the buoys…….or not 🙂

Our Event Calendar for 2017 still has some dates waiting on confirmation by the SIRC, but dates for January and February are set. The dates are:
Jan 15th and 29th
Feb 12th and 26th

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and we’ll see you all in the new year, hopefully, with a retrievable buoy system installed to ensure we have an accurate Race Course available for all of our Run Days. This may require a few “working bees” so we will be looking for volunteers to help install and set up the course, watch this space!!